Trying A Different type of Exterior Light: LED Wall Pack Lights

Trying A Different type of Exterior Light: LED Wall Pack Lights

LED wall pack lights are a unique and distinguishable type of exterior light. Although sometimes they are underused, they can provide your home or commercial property with a lot of benefits. LED Wall Pack lights provide a number of benefits as an exterior lighting option. They provide bright light, security, improved illumination, and require less maintenance. They’re a cost-effective way of lighting the outside of your home and in this blog, we will outline some of their uses and how to utilize them properly.

LED Wall Pack Uses

Outdoor Lighting. Wall packs are especially used as outdoor lighting solutions. Due to the fact they’re easily mounted on walls and provide constant illumination. Using their Dusk to Dawn mode they’re able to provide your residential or commercial property with extra security lighting while saving you energy throughout the day.

What Are The benefits of LED Wall Pack Lights?

Require Less Maintenance

LED Wall Pack lights are simply wired installed onto walls and ready to go. They don’t require any tampering and use photocells to operate their dusk to dawn feature. The wonderful thing about LED Wall Pack’s Dusk to Dawn modes is that they also require no maintenance. Once the light is installed and switched on the D2D mode will work perfectly fine without help.

D2D mode in exterior lights is key to promoting safety and security while decreasing danger and energy costs.

Better Light quality

LED Wall Pack lights for outdoor lights score high on CRI and lighting quality. LED wall packs usually provide 5000K color temperature beams that replicate natural daylight. So having a layer of natural daylight covering your home throughout the night will definitely provide more security. The average CRI of LED wall pack lights is 80, so with a color temperature of 5000K and a CRI of 80, you’ll be able to see objects and the outside of your home clearer than before.

Reducing Energy Bills

Despite the initial higher cost LEDs in the long-term will save you money. Especially when it comes to electricity bills. LEDs in general save you up to 88% on your electricity bills and using an exterior light with a D2D Mode will save you more money. This is because a D2D light will be off during the day consuming zero energy and will be triggered by its built-in photocell once darkness sets to begin working.

Although LED Wall Pack Lights are energy saving, home exterior lighting options, to get the most out of them they need to be used properly. So here are also some tips on how to utilize your wall pack light better:

Tips For Installing LED Wall Pack Lights

Installing Wall pack lights is simple and is going to make a big difference to your home. However, like everything, it needs to be optimal and following these basic tips will save you a lot of time and hassle when you go out and get yourself some wall pack lights.

Don’t Face South

When installing your wall pack light, it's going to have a built-in photocell that’s sensitive to changes in light. Living in the northern hemisphere means your photocell should not be pointing south. If your photocell is facing south it is going to receive the most direct sunlight, when a photocell is exposed to too much direct sunlight the components may become more prone to failure.

Face North

Once again related to our geographical location and the arc of the sun. Facing north for a photocell will give it the most balanced on/off schedule with the arc of the sun.

Compatible or Built-in Sensors

For simplicity go for a Wall pack light with an already built-in photocell sensor. This light may cost slightly more than one without, however, it is going to save money and installation costs compared to buying them individually. If you’re looking to buy both separately it is important to remember you will need an LED Wall Pack light compatible photosensor. If you use a conventional light photocell, it will burn out quickly if used with an LED light.   

What LED Wall Pack Light Should You Buy?

SANSI 70W LED Wall Pack Light(Dust to Dawn) is a home or commercial property exterior lighting option.  As far as wall pack lights are concerned, this is one of the biggest wall pack exterior lights on the market. With 12 individual heat sinks, the beam is bright and evenly spread better than other brands. General wall pack lights use frosted lenses to diffuse the beams, making them softer and less bright. The SANSI 70W Wall Pack Light has a clear lens on all 12 of the LED modules meaning the light is clearer and brighter, while still being an outdoor light.

If you’re looking for a brighter better wall light, SANSI’s 70W Wall Pack light is the way to go.


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