What Are The Benefits of a Dusk Till Dawn Security Light

What Are The Benefits of a Dusk Till Dawn Security Light

Dusk to Dawn LED Security Lights have become a great addition to people’s commercial and home properties. They’re used as exterior lights to illuminate driveways, patio, yards and to add extra security and safety to the outside of your property. One of the most cost-effective and energy-saving exterior lights would be a motion sensor dusk to dawn LED security light!

What Is A Dusk to Dawn Security Light

Dusk to Dawn security lights have sensors that allow it to turn on at particular times of the day. A Dusk to Dawn light will be either on or off by reacting to the level of light outside. By using these, it is a great way to reduce the use of energy and light at times of the day when they are not needed.

How Do Dusk To Dawn Lights Work?

Nowadays, most LED outdoor security lights come with factory-installed photocells. Photocells work by using a semiconductor to control the electrical current of the light. When the semiconductor is exposed to a certain level of light the current will start to flow and the fixture will be turned off. Some photocells are adjustable and can be more or less sensitive to varying levels of light depending on what you would like. Photocells combined with motion sensors will end up saving you a heap of money on energy bills and prolong the life of your light!

The Benefits of Dusk to Dawn LED Security Lights

Although there is a heap of benefits to adopting LED dusk to dawn security lights, this article will focus on the benefits of having a dusk to dawn sensor, rather than the benefits to adopting LED lights as a whole. Although using LED lights does help protect the environment, save costs and energy. 

Superior Brightness: LED’s are super bright because they have a very high lumens/watt score. Especially if you’re able to purchase a dusk to dawn LED Floodlight, the lumens, color temperature, and beam coverage area would all create a very bright effect to light up your back or front yard.

Conserves Energy: Dusk to Dawn LED Security Lights will save your home tons of energy! Due to the fact these lights are reactionary, they will only use power when the outside environment is dark enough. Using photocell technology, they will sense when the weather outside is not bright enough and will require some illumination.

Reactionary: Since D2D Security lights are reactionary they require much less maintenance. They never need powering on a with their motion sensor, all they need is installing. Once you’ve installed these kinds of lights they don’t need any more from you. Making them great for all types of homeowners. Whether you’re busy, old or just don’t want to go outside every day to switch on your lights when it gets dark. These save you a ton of time and energy!

What did the SANSI D2D Security Lights do for my home?

When I was looking for a D2D motion sensory security light on Amazon I came across SANSI. After seeing all of the positive reviews and going onto their official website I decided that these lights would be a great addition to my home. Although their security lights have a wide range I opted for a 36W Security light and an 18W security light. The 36W security light for my front yard as I have a drive and the 18W for the back, as I didn’t want to disturb the neighbors too much.

To summarize these lights quickly I drew up a table of information on them for everyone:

Security light

Power Watts

Color Temp Kelvins


Motion sensor











First of all, as you can see from the photos the 36W version has a total of 8 individual heat sinks while the 18W version has 4. Their adjustable twin heads allow you to make the light illuminate pretty much any area you wish. For my drive and backyard, both were more than enough! Their 5000K daylight color temperature allows you to light up your whole yard even in pitch blackness! The 18W produces 1800lm while the 36W produces 3600lm. This amount of brightness combined with a daytime 5000K beam is more than enough to illuminate anyone’s front or backyard!

I can’t recommend these bulbs enough! They lit up the front and back of my home after an easy installation and their brightness and superior performance have made me want to buy more SANSI products! If you would like your home to be safer, brighter and a deterrent to burglars, head over to the link below to purchase SANSI’s 36W or 18W D2D Motion Sensor security lights now!



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