A New LED Bulb That Is Enclosed Fixture Rated 

A New LED Bulb That Is Enclosed Fixture Rated 

It is widely known that heat is one of the biggest problems for LED light bulbs. Due to the fact that LED chips are very similar to the types of chips in laptops or other electronics, they have the potential to overheat. This is why for a long period of time there have been few and far between LED lights that are suitable for enclosed fixtures. Previously enclosed fixtures have been a nightmare for LED lights. This is because enclosed fixtures have no ventilation so as the bulb is on, the environment’s temperature just gets hotter. A normal LED bulb in this type of environment would have their lifespan reduced dramatically. However, with the growth in technology and companies wanting to make products for all fixtures in the home. There are some LED bulbs that can be used within enclosed fixtures.

What is an Enclosed Fixture?

In order to understand the type of bulb you’re looking for, it is important to first see what kind of fixture these specific types of bulbs are made for. An enclosed fixture is any fixture that is completely sealed off, not allowing any air flowing in or out of the fixture. Enclosed fixtures are usually used as outdoor porch or garden lights. Due to the fact that the bulb inside has a reasonable color temperature and is not too bright. They’re great for security, safety and accent lighting for outside your home. The casing is usually used for aesthetics and weatherproofing.  

What is the Problem with Enclosed Fixtures and LED Lights?

Although LED lights are known to be cool to touch as they do not produce heat in the form of infrared radiation, within the device themselves the semiconductors will create heat. The main problem with enclosed fixtures for LED lights is the lack of airflow. The lack of airflow within an enclosed fixture causes the temperature to rise and the LED chips to overheat. This will inevitably cause the LED chip’s life to be reduced.

What are the Benefits of Enclosed Fixture Rated LED Bulbs?

The benefits of enclosed rated LED bulbs are significant.

  1. Practicality: They provide you with options. If an LED bulb can be used in an enclosed fixture, it can definitely function within semi-closed or open fixtures too!
  2. Energy Efficient: It is widely known now that LED bulbs provide a very high lumens/Watt output.
  3. Safer: If an LED bulb is capable of functioning within an enclosed fixture it means it is able to deal with heat well. So even if the temperature rises incredibly high surrounding the fixture or the light has been on for a significant amount of time, the light will still perform well and safely.

SGLEDs Enclosed Fixture Rated Bulbs

I noticed these bulbs because they were one of the few LED lighting brands that make bulbs that can be used in enclosed fixtures. Any LED bulb that can be used within enclosed fixtures always stands out to me because there’s so few! So I decided to give them a try. First of all, what I noticed about them was their design. Their design seems to be focused on two areas that improve the heat dissipation of the bulb. These two areas are the material the bulb uses and its hollow body. The material SGLEDs uses for their bulbs is ceramic. Their LED chips are glued straight onto the bulb’s ceramic body reducing the need for thermal adhesives and PC boards. Secondly, the bulb’s body is hollow. Increasing the airflow through the bulb and close to the LED chips, reducing the temperature and dissipating the heat away from the chips more efficiently.  

SGLEDs Temperature Adaptable Chips

From looking through the user manual and the bulb itself it was clear to me that there was a combination of technology I’ve never seen before. This light and its chips have been specifically designed for enclosed fixtures. The chips have been built to last and to adapt to temperature increases. SGLEDs self-developed chips have the ability to adapt to their environment. The chips have the ability to continue working in enclosed fixtures even up to 150°C. As the temperature surrounding the bulb increases to a certain level, SGLEDs LED chips will gradually reduce the power and the number of lumens the bulb it outputting. Although the bulb will produce a lower light level, it is important to remember that a very small decrease in lumens such as 10% would not be visible to the naked eye. So although this bulb is producing less light in order to reduce temperature and prolong the bulb’s life, the actual effect on the lighting of your home will be minimal!

SGLEDs’ Bulbs have been great for my home! They’re super bright, can be used anywhere around my home and are safer than any previous LED bulbs I’ve used before! They can deal with really high temperatures and have their own safety mechanism to switch off when the temperature around the bulb has reached a dangerous level! I’m glad I bought these bulbs and I would recommend them to my family and friends!  



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