How to Choose An Outdoor Security Light?

How to Choose An Outdoor Security Light?

There are multiple ways of lighting the exterior of your home for security. The most optimal way in terms of performance and aesthetics will be layered security lighting. This means using different types, small and large in order to create the safest and best-looking environment. However, when it comes to finding the best individual security light there are some criteria to look for. You’re going to need something bright, adjustable reactionary and reliable. By looking for these four things you will be getting your money’s worth out of your next security plight purchase.


What is an Adjustable Security Light?

Adjustable in relation to security lights can come in two ways. Maneuverable and control options. Maneuverable security lights in this context are going to mean the heads are maneuverable and can cover 360 degrees. This means you can position the lights to any angle and pointing at a specific location wherever you need. Increasing the security and illumination of the exterior of your home. For control options the more the better with security lighting. The more customizable a light is, the better it can protect your home. Well, designed security lights will have D2D mode, on-time mode, and Auto-mode. These 3 are the most important features you can get on a security light and combined with a time setting option on the illumination can help your home. These various options combined make the light a practical reactionary light.


A Bright Security Light

With security lighting, the more brightness is not always the answer. However, it is good to have a bright light. The reason because more lumens does not always equal more security is because brighter lights can actually cause darker shadows if the lights do not cover everywhere you need. Making the lights less safe than having a dimmer light that covers more area. But if you can get bright security light with a bright beam and adjustable twin heads you should be able to light up most areas. For color temperature 5000K is the best option as it creates a stark contrast with the darkness of night time. This contrast brings out figures and objects easier for you to see.


When it comes to lumens and how many you need it comes down to some estimating and personal preference. If you’re lighting a large driveway you can think about 2000-3000 lumens depending on the size and how bright you would like the area to be. Also for a backyard for a front yard that is large, you may want 2000-4000 lumens. If you would like more you can look at purchasing 2 or more security lights. For smaller driveways and in cul-de-sacs you may want to go a little lower with the lumens. As they could disturb your neighbors, especially with 5000K color temperatures. For smaller driveways or build-up areas maybe look for 1000-3000 lumens. However, 3000 at the front of your home may be a little too disruptive and maybe need to be placed at the rear of your home.


Complete Home Security

To get complete home security and peace of mind look for a light that has good control options, bright lights, and adjustable heads. If it has all of these features you’re going to be adding an extra layer of security to your home. The more customizable and adaptable your light is, the more protection you will have. Stay safe and stay smart!


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