How to Choose the Best Outdoor LED Floodlight?

How to Choose the Best Outdoor LED Floodlight?

Outdoor LED Floodlights with the correct placement and specifications can provide high-quality light for your commercial or residential property. The best features of LED Floodlights are their brightness and wide coverage. Making them able to be used for accent, event or security lighting depending on what you need! However, with the market saturated in brands, it is important to pick the best floodlight for you. If you’re just looking to accent light the front of your home, a 500W LED Floodlight may be too much and a 50W LED floodlight may be enough. So to find the best floodlight for you, you are going to have to look for some key features to make the best purchase! 


 What Do You Need an LED Floodlight for? 


Before looking at lumens and LED Floodlight’s specifications, it is important to figure out what you are using your floodlight for. If you’re using it for security reasons maybe you will need a brighter wider beam coverage. If it is for accent lighting your garden or home, maybe you need a smaller less powerful beam. If it is going to be an investment for the whole year, an RGB Floodlight with some smart capabilities may be best. 

Outdoor Security Lighting: For security lighting, you’re going to need bright light, wide coverage and reactionary. A lot of floodlights can provide the brightness and the wide beam coverage, however, they’re not reactionary. The best solution for this would be to purchase a security light that has LED Floodlights, however, it may not be as bright or as wide covering. The best solution in my eyes, if you are looking for the higher brightness and coverage, would be to combine the LED Floodlight with a motion sensor to make it reactionary, giving you very bright and effective security light. 

Accent Lighting: Accent lighting with floodlights can be difficult to get right. You’re going to need layers. Highlight the architectural features of your home, entrances, or archways, etc. For wall washing, a spread lens would be suggested as these disperse the beam out from the center spot and gives the light soft edges. When purchasing a spread lens, check the efficiency as it can vary between 50%-70%. 

Event Lighting: Even Lighting, like accent lighting, may need layers. Combining 10Watt RGB LED Floodlights with 50Watt and 100Watt RGB Floodlights will be the best bet for creating a great party atmosphere. Depending on whether it is an indoor or outdoor party, the wattage may vary. More lights and more power will be needed outside. The best thing about RGB LED Floodlights is that they’re remote-controlled. They come with various colors and settings which create a party atmosphere.


What Specifications to Look for in an LED Floodlight? 


An LED Floodlight is going to need to be energy-efficient, durable, bright and the right size. So let’s take a look into each key feature to get a better idea. 

Energy Efficient: Energy-efficient is one of the key reasons for adopting any type of LED lights. For a more efficient floodlight, you need to be looking at 3 things: the LED chips, the light’s structure, and its heat dissipation efficiency. 

LED Chips: SMD & COB: There are benefits to an LED light using COB or SMD. The layout and use of multiple diodes make SMD chips last longer and create a higher more intense beam of light. However, the direct attachment of LED chips onto the board makes them create less heat and more energy efficient. To get the brightest and most energy-efficient light, you need to find a light that has a combination of both.   

Light’s Structure: For an exterior floodlight you need something durable but can dissipate heat quickly. As heat is the biggest problem for LED lights. For the most part LED floodlight manufacturers to struggle to make something bright, durable and effective at dissipating heat. A great light design would be something weatherproof, light and hollow. Allowing for the light to be maneuverable and better at dissipating heat. A plastic body may be the answer! 

Brightness: With LED Floodlights brightness is not always better. Depending on how you want to use your floodlight will determine the brightness. If you’re using the floodlight to create a wall-washer effect in the front of your home, you don’t want 5000 lumens coming through your windows. 

Effective Heat Dissipation: Any LED light is going to need some form of effective heat dissipation and it is important to discover the cheapest and most effective way. Look for a light with a hollow body that actively promotes heat dissipation. You can also look for LED lights that use Ceramic technology, as these reduce the need for extra parts and thermal adhesives. Causing the light to create less heat. 


Overall, to choose the best LED Floodlight, you need to look for something efficient, well-designed and durable. Once you know where to put your light identifying how many lumens you need and the best performing light will save you a lot of money in the long-term.  

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