How To Choose The Best Study Lamp?

How To Choose The Best Study Lamp?

Study lights are an integral part of performance and ergonomics. Studying or reading requires comfortable light that encourages the user to focus on the task at hand. Study lights are task lights that’s main function is to improve posture, reduce eye strain and raise your mood. Task lighting unlike general or ambient lighting has a more specific function. It is there to illuminate a certain area. Within a work station desk lamps are there to promote better work efficiency by reducing eye strain.

What Are The Benefits of a Good Desk Lamp?

      Having an optimal desk lamp will bring many benefits to your work and overall health.


  1. Reduces Eye Strain: For office workers or students staring at a screen all day the number one thing affecting our output is tiredness coming from eye strain.If we want to become more economical and have better overall output, we need to conserve the energy of our eyes. One way of doing this is to reduce glare off the screen and use varying color temperatures throughout the day to match our lighting requirements. If you’re working late into the evening the last thing you want is a bright 6000K beam directly on your screen or into your eyes. The light needs to be softer and warmer to match your requirements

  2. Reduces Distractions: Working from home or past normal hours people are bound to begin to get distracted after a certain period of time. This is only natural. However, if there is a light directly on the task area that necessitates light, this will only bring attention to this area. Working under a desk lamp also allows you to dim the background of the room disregarding other objects in the room. Allow you to fully focus on the work station without any eye damage.

  3. Will Not Affect Sleep: For better work you need better rested employees. In recent years corporations have begun to recognize this and one way of doing this is to improve their general health markers and the best natural supplement for this is sleep. Working under an LED RG0 rated desk lamp will ensure that there is no retinal risk from he light emitted from this light and that your sleep should not be affected.

  How many Watts For A Desk Lamp?

When it comes to brightness for desk lamps, due to traditional incandescent lamps it was easier to just scale the lights by Wattage. However, with more energy-efficient lights on the modern market, wattage does not exactly correlate to brightness. The lower the wattage of an LED light, yes, the lower the overall brightness will be, but if you are shopping and making comparisons between CFL, incandescent and LEDs, you’re going to need to look at  the number of lumens the light can put out and what dimmable controls it has.

How Many lumens For Workstations?

The number of lumens is variable according to what task you’re performing and your age. Older people will require more lumens (brightness) for their task lighting at work sations.. Especially when the task is fine focused work.

General work: Reading, writing, computer work: 400-550 lumens.

Precision work:
Technical drawings, art, repairing small components 800-950lumens

Obviously, these are estimates and do alter depending on how you feel comfortable under artificial light. Personally, I like to work under slightly dimmer light whereas my colleagues etc work under brighter light for the same task. So just find a light that has a wide variety of dimmable ranges. When it comes to older age to perform the same task, some people can get as close to almost needing double the number of lumens for a task. This is more related to general tasks reading, writing etc, as fine work is usually still very close under the light and will not require many more lumens.

What is The Best Study Lamp in 2021?  

SANSI’s 10W Desk Lamp is the most cost-effective modern desk lamp currently on the market. With 5 dimmable modes and a color temperature range from 2700K-5000K, this light is the perfect desk lamp! When looking for a workstation light the top three most important things to look for are customizability, efficiency and performance. This light does all three of these things and more. With the adjustable body and head it can illuminate any specific work reading, writing, technical drawings etc.

If you need comfortable practical work lighting, SANSI’s 10W desk lamp is a long-term investment that will promote work efficiency, better health and overall performance. Consider comfort and performance when buying a desk lamp this year:


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