How to Decorate Your Yard For Halloween?

How to Decorate Your Yard For Halloween?

Almost everybody I know loves Halloween decorations. In my eyes the bigger and more outrageous the better. In most streets, there is always one or two houses that go all out for this holiday and they gain a lot of attention. This year it could be your house! One of the best things about decorating for Halloween is that some of the best decorations can be done on a budget. It is more about your creativity and what you do with your props! 

Backlighting  Backlighting is just illuminating objects from behind to create a glowing effect on the edges of an object. This is great for a Halloween atmosphere especially backlighting pumpkin lanterns, gravestones, etc. You can light Halloween objects by either lighting them from behind or lighting through the object. Backlighting is often used in theatre productions to bring out props and actors for the audience. It is incredibly effective for garden Halloween decorations.   
Fog Machine Fog machines are incredibly effective for setting a spooky atmosphere. Their price usually ranges from $25-$70 for an effective and longer-lasting fog machine. Although for some homes at first, they appear to be an extra for Halloween decorations. They can be used for all other yearly events, birthday parties, Christmas, etc. So their investment is not just lost on the 31st of October.  
Jack-O’-Lanterns  Jack-o’-lanterns are probably the most well-known Halloween decoration. Going to a pumpkin patch and carving a pumpkin has become a nice tradition for families all around the US. So these are a key factor in creating a nice Halloween garden atmosphere.    
LED RGB Floodlights  Depending on the amount of illumination and what you would like highlighted will determine the number of lumens and power of your light. For backlighting may be lower-powered 30W LED Floodlights would be okay producing around 3000 lumens. For larger objects and illuminating the yard or creating wall washing effects, a 50W & 70W RGB Floodlight may be better options. As these can produce around 5000lumens and 7000lumens. In relation to LED floodlights, luminous efficacy will be around 100lumens/Watt. Meaning you get a lot of brightness for the power consumption.   


What is Special About SGLEDs RGB Floodlights?

SGLEDs RGB Floodlights are great! They can produce millions of colors on 16 various modes to brighten up and bring color to the Halloween atmosphere. There are two aspects of these lights that stand out to me. Their heat dissipation and brightness.  

Heat Dissipation: These lights are built to promote heat dissipation. Using their hollow bodies and ceramic independent heat sinks, these lights are capable of efficiently moving heat away from their LED chips. Prolonging the life of the light.  

Brightness: Although it is hard to picture through a blog. Trust me these lights are bright. Really bright! Although I purchased 2 70Watt RGB Floodlights for the future I feel 1 will be enough for my front yard and it isn’t a small space. I'll be putting the other 70W Floodlight in the backyard. That’s the great thing about these floodlights, they’re versatile. They’re not just for Halloween. I plan on using them all year for security, parties and general illumination around my home! 

Overall, I love these floodlights. They’re ideal for Halloween and for the rest of the year too! I couldn’t have asked for a better performing LED Floodlight and I can’t wait to buy more SGLEDs products! 

If you would also like to purchase some SGLEDs RGB floodlights then follow the link below to their Amazon Store: 

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