Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor LED Floodlights

Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor LED Floodlights

LED Floodlights are great outdoor lighting solutions with many benefits. By adopting LED Floodlights, you will be saving energy, money while getting a brighter beam. As outdoor lights, they can be applied to a number of scenarios including security, events or accent lighting your home. LED floodlights to have a host of benefits making them a better exterior lighting option for your home or commercial building. 


  1. LED Floodlights Are Versatile

LED Floodlights come in a range of wattages and colors. Most brands now provide 10Watt Floodlights, 30Watt Floodlights right up to 100Watt Floodlights for the home. Another great feature of LED Floodlights now is that they have RGB chips. Meaning they can produce over 16 colors in various modes. These various colors can provide wall washing effects; highlight water features or help create a party atmosphere. 


  1. LED Floodlights Are Cost-Effective

Despite the initial cost LED Floodlights are a long-term investment. They will save you up to 88% on your electricity bill on average and will have very low to no installation and maintenance costs. For the amount of energy saved on your bills, you get a lot more brightness. LED always has much higher lumen outputs than traditional lights. Making them consume much less energy while providing brighter beams!


  1. Provide Better Light

The great option from LED Floodlights is that they can offer daylight beams. For exterior lighting, a bright outdoor daylight beam is a fantastic option. A daylight powerful beam can be combined with a motion sensor that can make a fantastic security light. Due to floodlight’s wider beam coverage and 5000K light. The contrast of 5000K light illuminating in the dark allows for home or business owns to identify the figures outside better! 


  1. Durable

LED floodlights are great outdoor lights because of their durability. LED Floodlights are durable in 2 ways, LED chips and the light’s designs. LED lights perform well in the cold. LED’s have been known to operate fine down to -50°C. When it comes to the lights body and design. A simple plastic body with some ventilation will probably be the best option. As plastic will do well in every type of weather and the hollow body will promote heat dissipation


  1. Long-Lasting

One of the main selling points of LED lights is their long lifespan. LED floodlights’ lifespans now are around 20,000-50,000 hours in comparison to traditional lights that are 1000-3000 hours. The best way to spot an LED with a longer life would be to look for a light with better heat dissipation. This is because heat is what reduces the lifespan of LED’s and keeping heat away from the chips will prolong your light’s life. 


Overall there are many other benefits to using LED lights such as they’re eco-friendlier and easier to recycle. However, this blog outlined the main 5. In order to buy the most effective light, you need to look for these benefits and make sure it is performing well in each of these areas. 



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