Uplighting vs Downlighting What is Best For Hardscapes?

Uplighting vs Downlighting What is Best For Hardscapes?

To create the best outdoor lighting effects, you need to understanding what uplighting and downlighting are and how to apply them correctly. An outdoor layered lighting system is the best way to enhance your home’s exterior. Uplighting and downlighting are explanatory names in their own right. Uplighting refers to the light pointing upwards and lighting a surface. While downlighting refers to the light facing downwards and illuminating a surface. Although they are simple terms to understand, they do have different applications.



Where to Use Uplighting?

Uplights will be installed on the ground level shining upwards onto tall or large objects. They will usually be used to highlight trees, statues, even the exterior of your home. Uplighting is traditionally adopt in highlighting taller objects as it casts shadows off them. The best part about using uplights is that they create shadows, which adds depth to the exterior of your building. They can outline boundaries if you are using uplights along a hedge line or fence. And their general beams in large numbers can also add some security lighting as your yard will be more lit.



Where to use Downlights?

The difference between downlighting and uplighting is that uplighting is usually more striking to bring out specific areas of objects in the yard. Downlighting is about subtlety and adding warmth and layers to the exterior of your home or building. Due to downlighting’s aesthetic look, they are usually applied in entertainment areas and around edges of the home.



What is moonlighting?   

Moonlight is an outdoor downlighting technique that is used to enhance tall trees or fountains in the yard using a blueish toned light. Replicating the moon’s light. The type of lighting is soft and glowing, more so used for aesthetic purposes than security or general illuminance. This is because moonlighting is at the top of the object, usually a tree and lighting directly downwards, creating a bright stark object in the yard at night. The best look for this type of lighting would be a tall thick tree, so it replicates the moonlight effect well in the yard.



Which is Best for Hardscapes?

When it comes to using up and downlighting it usually comes down to the application and area the hardscape is in. Downlighting is more frequently used on the exterior of the home, in entertainment spaces or walls etc. They’re applied more in general lighting and to add dimensions to the home. Uplighting bolder and more used to highlight specific objects in the hard or outside the home. The best way to illuminate the home is to use both of them in combination. This will result in a layered look with multiple textures, producing a balanced outdoor lighting system.



What is the Best Home Exterior Light?

SANSI’s 100W RGB outdoor floodlight is applicable for both up and down lighting on the exterior of the home. This light is simple to install, light weight and dissipates heat more effectively than others on the market. Due to its blend of ceramic heat sinks and a hollow body promoting air convection. These lights can be easily installed around the home as uplights and used for moonlight in specific areas. If you require wall washing effects, they can also be applied.


SANSI 100W floodlights utilize a combination of ceramic heat sinks with a hollow body. The ceramic material enables the chips to be directly attached to the heat sink with no internal fans or thermal adhesives. Allowing for lower risk of malfunction.

These outdoor grow lights are applicable for commercial or residential applications as well as downlighting or uplighting. These light are there to help and enhance the exterior of buildings and hardscapes. Let them light up the world!




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