What is the Best Night Light For 2021?

What is the Best Night Light For 2021?

What is the Best Night Light?

Nightlights are multi-use low-level lights that can be applied all around the home.  Used for children who are afraid of the dark, outlining borders, guiding the way in the home, and illuminating stairways or appliances that may need extra lighting in the dark. When it comes to indoor nightlights they come in various shapes, sizes and have different features. It is important to install a nightlight in the most suitable location in order to optimize the purchase and the home.

 Types of Night Lights

With the recent development in home night lights, there are now a few different types of night lights. Indoor night lights come in a range of shapes and sizes now, depending on the user’s requirements. When you’re looking at night lights you want to find the most practical and energy-efficient light possible. Due to the fact they will be applied around the home on various surfaces.

Plug-In Nightlights

Plug-in night lights are the most common type. Flat and square-shaped usually very simple installations and go into sockets on the wall. They can be used in bedrooms, corridors, etc. They provide low-level light for specific areas in the home that may need low-level task lighting or general light in the darkness. What are the drawbacks to this type of light? They need to be directly plugged into a socket. This means it can’t be directly installed in specific locations around the home that may require night lighting.

Tabletop Night Lights

These lights are usually oval-shaped and are used on bedside tables. Their main application is to provide low-level light for children in bed for comfort and sometimes do contain other smart features. For example; a white noise function, music, or an alarm clock. These types of night lights are great for children and bedroom lighting. However, they lack the versatility of other types of smaller stick-on night lights. Tabletop lights usually require flat surfaces and are best suited to the bedroom, meaning they would not be good as guide lights or low-level task lights during the night.


Stick-on Night Lights

Stick-on night lights are very similar to Plug-ins, they just differ in that they are either battery or rechargeable. This makes them work without having to be installed in sockets around the home. Stick-on night lights can be attached to objects, walls, surfaces all around the home providing low-level general and task lighting. Stick-on lights provide the same type of lighting just with more versatility, being able to be installed on various surfaces. They can be attached above sinks, inside bookshelves, corridors, etc with no need for electrical sockets. This is the main feature that separates stick-on night lights from other designs.


What Color Light Does The Home Need?

Bedtime lighting is supposed to not interfere with your circadian rhythm. Even if you’re using the light as a guide to see In the middle of the night or as task lighting for finding something. The lights need to be soft and at the correct color, spectrum to not interrupt your sleep. Red and amber are the two softest color temperatures you can get for night lights. These two colors will be bright enough to help you in the dark but won’t contain any white or blue light to wake you up. Having comfortable warm lighting for the early hours of the morning is important in reducing sleep disruption.


What is the Best Indoor Night Light?

What you need in indoor night light are versatility, practicality, and comfort. Once you have found a light that has all 3 of these main features you would have made the right choice. When it comes to recommended indoor bed lights, SANSI’s new indoor night light is currently one of the best lights on the market.

As far as home décor and indoor bedtime lighting, SANSI’s indoor night lights fit each of these main requirements. Based on their design and features. SANSI’s bed lights are small flat squares designed with uniform beams, to help guide the way through corridors. They output more brightness than others currently on the market and most importantly they’re stick-on versatile. With their brighter beam, simpler installation, and multi-applications, they’re a small but substantial investment for the home!

SANSI Bed Light Features

These lights are multi-installation, they can be horizontally installed, on the surface, walls, fridges, cupboards, etc due to their battery life. They can be installed anywhere around the home. Their second installation option is through their hook hanging. Meaning they can be hung down from objects or areas within the home that is more difficult to light up. For example wardrobes, fridges, dressing areas, etc. These bubs also contain a motion sensor, meaning they’re reactionary. During the night if no motion is detected, these lights will be passive waiting to illuminate only when necessary. Conserving energy and preventing disruption around the home.

If you’re looking to update your home. Improve the safety and create better comfort, SANSI’s brand new LED night lights are the perfect option:


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