What is The Science Behind LED Blacklights? 

What is The Science Behind LED Blacklights? 

Blacklights have a number of interesting uses in our modern world. Due to the fact Backlights can illuminate phosphorus paints or dyes, they can be used to identify forgeries of antiques, as many paints today contain phosphorus. They’re also used to identify counterfeit money, repairmen use them to find invisible leaks combined with phosphorus dye and more commonly seen uses are in clubs or amusement parks to identify admission. However, with the rise in LED UV Backlights, there is a growing use of backlights for parties even in the home. Combining backlights with phosphorus paint can create some really great effects while not costing or creating much damage. 

What is the difference between Blacklight and UV light? 

Actually, UV light is separated into 3 categories; UVA, UVB, and UVC. Blacklight only produces light with UVA wavelengths. UVA rays have the longest waves and the least energy making them the least harmful UVB and UVC rays have shorter wavelengths and more energy, making them more harmful especially to our skin. 

Blacklight’s UV Wavelength

Since blacklights produce UVA waves, if you have a blacklight on in a dark room you will only see a purple glow from the light itself and not the light it is producing. You can’t see UVA light as the waves as our eyes are not sensitive enough to see it. We can only see the visible light spectrum. However, in rare cases, people who have the condition aphakia have been known to be able to see the ultraviolet spectrum. We are not able to see ultraviolet light as it is not in the visible light spectrum as UVA rays range from 315nm-400nm in length. Ultraviolet wavelengths are too short for our eyes to see. Our eyes can only see from 450nm wavelengths. 

How Do Blacklights Work?

Essentially it is down to their wavelength. Because UVA waves are too short for the human eye to see, the only way to see blacklight is by shining the light onto material containing phosphor. By shining UVA light on phosphor, it will create a glow and this is what you will see at parties or on money, etc. This glow is created by the UV light photon hitting the phosphorus material and causing the electrons to stray away from the nucleus. Once the phosphorus goes back into a normal state some of this energy from the electrons is lost in heat and the UV light is reflected back into your eyes. Due to the fact that the UV light has now lost energy in the form of heat, its wavelength has shortened, meaning you can see it with your eyes. Creating the glowing cool effects that people like to see all over town! 

Why Do White Clothes Glow in UV Light? 

This question always came up when I was a child also and I entered some room using UV light and my socks or t-shirt would glow under the lights. It is down to the chemicals used in your clothing to make the white color of your clothes. Laundry detergents often contain optical brighteners to make your clothes seem whiter in normal daylight. Leading to your clothes glowing under UV light. 

Applications of UV Blacklight? 

UVA Blacklights can be used for a number of different things. They’re used in banks to identify money, by tradesmen to identify leaks in pipes and different themed parties. In recent years there’s been a huge growth in the use of blacklights for home gatherings and the production of LED floodlight versions has been on the up! 

Identify Money Blacklight Party

What LED Blacklight is Useful? 

For performance and look the SANSI 70W UV Floodlight Is a pretty good way to go. These lights are unique as far as UV Floodlights go along with their design and beam. SANSI’s UV LED Floodlight produces a UVA beam between the range of 320nm-430nm. Meaning the light produces a nice UVA glow. This UVA glow will be great for parties and creating an atmosphere with neon paint and glow sticks etc. However, this size LED UV Floodlight has also been known to be used for plants in the early stages of their growth to promote stronger healthier plant growth. Previous customers have already used this floodlight or their Norfolk Pines and have given great reviews! 

If you would like to purchase one of these unique lights, then follow the link here to SANSI’s official store: 


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