What is the Best LED Bulb For Your Ceiling Fan?

What is the Best LED Bulb For Your Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans are found in homes all across the country. However, I know first-hand how difficult it can be choosing the correct bulb for them. Depending on what function and where the ceiling light is positioned in the room could determine what type of bulbs it requires. If your ceiling fan light fixture is the main source of illumination in the room you will need bright bulbs with a color temperature ranging from 3000k-5000k. 

What are the most suitable bulbs for ceiling fan fixtures?

Personally, I would suggest an LED bulb for your ceiling fan fixtures. This is because LED bulbs are super bright and have a nice range of color temperatures to choose from. Also, their long lifespan and durability save you a lot of time and replacements in the long run. 

What are the most popular type of bulbs in Ceiling fan fixtures? 

Candelabra bulbs are the most popular bulbs used in ceiling fans. Due to the regulation changes in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 & the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act. Candelabra bulbs became the chosen bulbs by ceiling fan manufacturers because of their high brightness and lower energy consumption. So currently an LED candelabra bulb would be the most common type of bulb you will see in people’s ceiling fan fixtures. 

What to look for in a candelabra bulb? 

Now we’ve identified that LED candelabra bulbs are the most suitable bulbs for your ceiling fan fixtures, it would be good to have a checklist for what to look for in these bulbs. 

Long Lifespan Style
Ceiling fans are not the easiest fixtures to access, especially if you have high ceilings. LED candelabra bulbs are known for their long lifespans of up to 25,000 hours. This type of lifespan can save you a lot of effort, time and money with there being no need for replacement for almost up to 3 years. Although the clue is in the name “candelabra” it’s unbelievable how many candelabra bulbs I’ve seen that hardly resemble candles. When purchasing a candelabra bulb, myself like many others like them to resemble a candle not just in performance but in how they look, especially if they’re going into a chandelier. 
Color temperature Heat Dissipation
Depending on where the ceiling fan is in your home and what function it has, the color temperature will have a big impact. If it is a room for comfort and doesn’t particularly need much bright lighting for tasks a 3000k is the type you will be looking for. If you prefer brighter rooms or are using the bulbs in a room that requires task lighting a 5000K bulb might be your best option.  Although LED’s, in general, is a more energy-efficient way of lighting your home. The most cost-effective LED bulbs also have superior heat dissipation. If you can find an LED bulb with no PCB board or thermal adhesives the lifespan of these bulbs may surpass other LEDs on the market!

What’s a new candelabra bulb on the market? 

I found this brand a while ago looking for LED enclosed fixture rated bulbs. Although at the moment their product line is small I loved their enclosed rated bulbs and just found out. Now they make candelabra bulbs! 

I installed 6 SGLEDs candelabra bulbs into my ceiling fan. From my own measuring equipment, I got a reading of 650lumens making it around a 65W incandescent equivalent. Which is a lot of brightness! The beam of this bulb is great as it produces a 2700K beam. Making the light it produces a warm yellow that makes my living room comfortable. 

In terms of look and performance, they’re great. I love that they have a candle-like shape and have a hollow base. The hollow ceramic base of these bulbs is their technological advantage. The hollow ceramic body allows for the LED chips to be placed directly onto the bulb’s body to reduce the need for extra parts while also dissipating the heat effectively. 

These bulbs really took over my home. They lit up the place while saving me some serious money on energy bills. If you would like to purchase these great bulbs, then check them out here: 

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