How to Choose A Ceiling Light For The Home

How to Choose A Ceiling Light For The Home

Interior lighting can make or break a home. This is why it is important to select the right overhead lighting. Correct overhead lighting is essential for the home, as the ceiling lights are the main light in the room and are used as the most general form of illumination. Getting this right means selecting the ceiling light based on its size, brightness, design and color temperature. Once each of these has been identified, the most optimal ceiling light will be found.

Types of Ceiling Lights

There is an abundant amount of ceiling light types so to save time, we reduced the type down to the 3 most common types of ceiling lights. However, obviously there are many more to choose from.



Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

These types of light are versatile for any room or area in the house. Flush mount ceiling lights have no gap between the light and the fixture and come in various shapes producing multiple lighting effects. The best thing about these lights is that they blend and work in any room with any type of décor.  



Semi-Flush Mount Lights

Semi-flush mount work very similarly to flush mounts just they do have a slightly different look. They are not fully installed onto the ceiling and d hand down slightly. Flush mounts and semi-flush mounts can both be used in rooms with low ceilings and produce effective soft light for these environments. Due to semi-flush mount’s open aesthetic designs, they may require some maintenance and cleaning to avoid a build up of insects or dust.



Recessed Ceiling Lights

Recessed lights are also another great option for low ceiling rooms that need subtle overhead lighting. These provide a more aesthetic look to a room I comparison to the other two types as they are smaller and used in groups. Creating a patterned illumination. Although their accented “pattered” look is aesthetically pleasing, it does mean that you need to buy them in groups and larger numbers compared to flush or semi-flush mounts.

How to Choose The Right Sized Ceiling Light?

For determining the size for a flush mount ceiling light, there is a general formula. Although this formula is not exact it can be used as a guide and outline to suggest how large your flush mount can be.



Flush Mount Light Size Formula

Measure the length and width of the room in Feet then add these together to get the estimated width of the light in inches. E.G:

A living room is 9ft x11ft= 20inches feet the light’s width should be 20 inches



Recessed Ceiling Light Measuring

When it comes to the actual size of recessed can lights, they may all be very similar size. What distinguishes different room’s recessed lighting affect is their layout. There is a general approach towards estimating your recessed light layout.

Keep downlights 1.5-2ft away from walls and 3-4 feet between each light.

Another rough estimation can be:

Height of the ceiling/2 and this is how far lights can be spread apart.

For example: 10ft high ceiling/2= 5ft between each light



How Bright Should a Ceiling Light Be?

When it comes to lighting a whole room, the best way to light it is through layered lighting. Have a mix of accent, general and task. The ceiling lights within the room will be the general lighting and the focal point of each room. So, they probably should be the brightest lights in the room. Exactly how bright they should be will come down to personal preference and what is the function of the room. You won’t need incredibly bright overhead lights over a dining table, but you may need more lumens in a kitchen. So, each room is subject to adjustments.

Room comparisons:

Dining Room 30-40lumens per Sq ft:

Slightly higher brightness as there is usually just 1 overhead light in this area and is a mix between general and task lighting.

Kitchen 30-40lumens per Sq ft:: Also require more Lumens/brightness as the area will be layered with lighting, however they are an open larger room where various things happen.

Living room 20-30 lumens per Sq Ft: Living is room with a TV, some form of entertainment, the light can’t be too bright, especially as people use them at night time.

Bedroom 20-30 lumens per Sq Ft: Bedrooms need to be lower lit than other areas in the home, as they’re for sleeping and waking up. Nobody wants highly intense light in the bedroom. However, a combination of table lamps and an overhead light may be the best option.

As each room has these estimations per square foot, to fill a room with light you just need to:

Size of room sq ft x Lumens required per sq ft=

E.G Living room 80sq ft x 20= 1600lumens

These lumens are obviously a rough estimation and can be divided amongst a number of different lights or 1 large overhead lamp

What is The Best Indoor Ceiling Light for Summer 2021?

The SANSI 18W flush mount light is one of the best indoor ceiling lights for this coming summer. Ceiling lights for this year need to be easy to maintain & install, bright and fit the correct light spectrum, in order to light u the home correctly. This light has all three of these requirements while being ETL listed. 



Simple Installation

Once you wire the light, the installation is a simple twist and screw. Allowing the light to be directly attached to the ceiling.



Durable Design

The plastic casing makes this light sealed and unable impossible for insects or dust to collect inside. In comparison to semi-flush mounts, this light cant be penetrated but outside objects or animals. Making the maintenance of this light basically none. Other open or half open ceiling lights, would be attracting insects and dust allowing it to build up over 6 months and requiring cleaning or have their performance affected. Using this sealed ceiling light removes this type of risk.

Overall SANSI’s 18W flush mount ceiling light is fantastic for bedrooms, living rooms, pretty much every larger room in the home! It produces a daylight beam through a softened lense, allowing for better light quality within the home!

Home’s require natural light based around human centered interactions, this light was designed around the home and how people’s lighting requirements for indoors. If you want a natural specific indoor ceiling light, SANSI’s 18W flush mount is the must have for summer 2021:

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