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  1. Home Office Lighting Tips

    Home Office Lighting Tips As a result of COVID 19 and new isolation and social distancing rules, governments and countries have required many of us to work from home. Especially for office workers. Even with the pandemic slowly subsiding there may be a new trend in working from home. Home offices may become the new way to work. Those of us who have worked from home Read more...
  2. What Affects the Lifespan of LEDs

    What Affects the Lifespan of LEDs The lifespan of LEDs is one of the biggest factors when purchasing an LED bulb. With the initial higher costs, people are looking to get long-lasting bulbs for their homes. It is important to make sure the lifespan can be guaranteed. Like most things, LEDs lifespan’s are made up of many variables. So there is not just a simple panacea to Read more...
  3. Top 3 Considerations For Indoor LED Bulbs

    Top 3 Considerations For Indoor LED Bulbs LED bulbs are growing in popularity because of their longer life, energy efficiency and higher brightness than traditional bulbs. Even though LED bulbs have a host of benefits for their new users, they are quite different from buying traditional incandescent bulbs. Although there are many things to look out for efficiency and to outline the most Read more...

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