How to Choose The Best Garage Lights For 2021

How to Choose The Best Garage Lights For 2021

Garages, especially large garages, are multi-use indoor areas. They can be used for storage, workshops, or car parking. I any of these scenario’s you’re going to need clear bright light in order to perform the task better. This is where choosing the most suitable light comes in. The garage lighting options now are flooded, from shop lights, wing lights and clip on lamps. There is a whole range and approach in order to getting the best lighting option.

Type of Light

Most garages require the 3 different types of lighting. Ambient, task and accent lighting. Although they are categorized, they do overlap into a layered lighting solution. The best way to light a garage of any area of the home is to take a layered approach., there is not one panacea that can light the whole room or area exactly how you need. There are lights that can match general illumination needs, task lighting needs or ambient needs but to fit all of these will obviously take more than 1 light.

Most Popular Types of garage Lights

Reactionary Lights: A light that illuminates as you come in is energy saving and more practical. Saves you opening the door and searching for the on switch. These types of motion sensor lights are especially useful for parking the car and storage.

Shop Lights: General illumination lights that can be used for general lighting in the garage. One drawback to these lights is that they rarely come with their own built in motion sensors so either needed an added accessory or just be switch controlled.

Clip on lights: Clip on lights are specific task lights for workstations or tables. They can be applied anywhere around the garage for performing tasks. They definitely add another layer of lighting in the garage. The only drawback is these lights would still need a larger overhead light used in combination.


How many Lumens?

When it comes to the brightness of you garage light it would depend on the size of the garage. Anywhere between 4000-12000lumens for a larger sized garage is suitable. If you have a more customizable wing light, the lumens would be more effectively distributed as they can be adjusted to fit the room better than general overhead lights.



Color Temperature

As far as color temperature, 4500K-6000K is the most effective range for general and task lighting. Garages two main lighting functions would be general illumination and task this is why going right in the middle around 5000K would be a great option. As this is natural daylight making the indoors appear like midday sunlight. Another great thing about 5000K daylight beams, is that the CRI would be around CRI 98, making every objects color and appearance seem as accurate as possible.



What is the Best Indoor Garage Light for 2021?

SANSI’s updated motion sensor Wing Garage light is one of the most customizable lights you can get for this year! The motion sensor allows the light to have a diming function as well as working as a general bright light. The installation is simple with an E26 base as well has having 4 adjustable wings. Currently the garage lighting market for winged LED lights has increased tenfold. What better way to add to your garage than a reactionary wing overhead light? The beam comes out at 6000 lumens and 5000K. meaning the inside of your garage will be lit with bright natural daylight even in the darkest winter nights! This light is practical, bright and customizable, ensuring that your garage gets the practical bright light it needs. Task ambient and general illumination are each met by the brightness, color temperatures and wings. If you need all three lighting effects to be met you can simply just scale up and buy more! As the wings work around you, the light can also provide different types of lighting.

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