Best LED Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs in 2019 

Best LED Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs in 2019 

With the recent push in conserving energy, there is a trend beginning in outdoor bulbs having factory input photocells. These photocells prevent the bulbs from working and using up electricity while it is sunny enough outside to not need them. These are a great innovation for saving people electrical costs as well as overall the planet! Although previously security lights have been the main dusk to dawn lighting options for outside your home, now there are some dusk to dawn light bulb options for your home’s exterior lighting. 

How do Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Light Bulbs Work?

So if you’re a person who likes to know how things work then this is an integral part of this article. As I’ll be explaining how dusk to dawn outdoor lights works. 

Photocells are one of the most important parts of an LED dusk to dawn bulb as they enable it to be D2D. D2D bulbs will come with factory-installed photocells. Photocells, short for photoelectric cell, run off photoconductivity and are light-controlled variable resistors. The resistance of a photocell decreases as the light intensity it is exposed to increases. Photocells will use a semiconductor to control the electrical current depending on the lighting levels it is exposed to. 

What are the Benefits of LED Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs?

1. Conserve Energy: D2D bulbs definitely save energy as they are reactionary bulbs, meaning they will only come on when they are needed. 
2. Low Maintenance: Due to the fact D2D bulbs work according to outside lighting levels, they don’t need to be adjusted when the season’s change. Unlike timer switches that require changing when the clocks change and daylight hours increase or decrease. 
3. Longer Life: Since these bulbs only illuminate when required, their lifespan will outlast most bulbs that are needlessly left on for hours at a time. 
4. More Aesthetic Home Exterior: D2D bulbs allow you to have more accent lighting around the exterior of your home. As they’re relatively low brightness and can illuminate smaller areas than security lights. Meaning you can layer the lighting outside your home to be more aesthetic and secure!  

Things to Note About D2D bulbs

1. Dusk to Dawn Bulbs are for the exterior of your home. They’re made for lighting up the entrances and exits of your home. To bring more security as well as a better look to your home.
2. You need to make sure the D2D bulbs are within a fixture with clear glass. A frosted glass fixture will prevent the bulb from sensing when the outside environment is dark. Preventing your light from performing optimally.
3. It’s common to purchase Dusk to Dawn bulbs in pairs and install them near one another. However, it is important to remember to keep them over 1 meter apart. So that their sensors do not disrupt one another’s performance.

application for dusk to dawn led light bulb

What Are the Advantages of SANSI LED Dusk to Dawn Bulbs?

There are a few design and technical benefits that these bulbs have.
1. Ceramic body: SANSI D2D bulbs use patented ceramic technology that prevents the use of PC boards and thermal adhesives. Making them dissipate heat faster.
2. Enclosed Fixture Rated: This is a huge benefit to having an exterior D2D bulb. SANSI bulbs can work within enclosed fixtures.
3. Heat Dissipation: SANSI D2D bulbs are specifically designed to dissipate heat more efficiently.

As you can see from the illustration more than 45 Lux the bulb will turn off and less than 15 Lux the bulb will automatically switch on providing light for your home. This bulb was built to last. With their effective heat dissipation and patented COC technology, their lifespan is going to be longer than most LED brands. As they push the heat away from the semiconductors within their bulbs.

I purchased 4 of these bulbs for the front and back porches of my home and I couldn’t be happier. They’re super bright and when they’re positioned around the entrance and exits of my home I feel safer!
If you would like to purchase these then follow the link here to SANSI’s Amazon Store: 

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