What are the Advantages of owning the SANSI Stellar Floodlight Cam in 2019?

What are the Advantages of owning the SANSI Stellar Floodlight Cam in 2019?

There are a huge number of benefits to adopting a smart security floodlight to your home. However, as this is a brand new product created by SANSI, I will introduce it to you first!

Introducing the new SANSI Stellar Floodlight Cam

Everybody loves new shiny things, so the SANSI Stellar Floodlight Cam should be no exception. First, let’s open the box to see how it looks:

The look

The SANSI Stellar Floodlight Cam has a bold and striking look. With its white porcelain body and dual-heads, it will definitely be turning your neighbor's head from the moment you install it!

The Design

Due to the fact that I’m always looking for the bestselling or most up to date security lights on the market, I’ve previously owned SANSI’s 30W square-headed security lights. The design of the new stellar cam is identical to the previous range; however, the Stellar cam now has a camera module added. For me, SANSI using the same design with added features is great news! This means you still get a light that is dedicated to heat dissipation and energy efficiency while also having newly added features!

As you can see in terms of the light’s body and structure it is geared towards heat dissipation and energy efficiency. Each LED chip is stuck onto their ceramic independent heat sink in order to promote better heat dissipation. The use of ceramic within this light, like the previous security lights, is to prolong the life of the light and the LED chip while producing incredibly bright light. Furthermore, in regards to the dual head’s body, you can see it is hollow surrounding the heat sinks. This is also another feature of SANSI’s lights that promotes heat dissipation and increases the efficiency of their lights. My final point regarding the look of this light is that I really like the way it looks! I like the white body, the futuristic-looking heat sinks and the bright beam that comes out from them. The moveable dual heads also make the light incredibly practical for illuminating the front of my home. This design combined with a camera module makes the light compliment my home while also looking like a strong deterrent to burglars. This is why I went with the SANSI Stellar Cam.  

The Advantages of Owning a Smart Security light in 2019

There are numerous advantages to owning a smart security light but to keep it short I will highlight the three main benefits I believe owning a smart security light has given me.

Smart Security lights are proactive: Standard security cameras or systems are reactionary to problems or incidences once they have already happened. They have no way of preventing or notifying you sooner when the problem has occurred. In contrast to this smart security, lights are proactive. Due to the fact that smart security lights have motion alerts, live video streams, alarms, and floodlights, they’re far more proactive in protecting your home. Instead of waiting for something to happen you will already know what is happening outside your home with the quick touch of a button!

Smart Security Lights Monitor: Because smart security lights have a camera module they’re able to provide live video streams of what is going on outside your home at all times of the day. Whether it be day or night, you’re able to see what is going on outside your home. Not only can you see what is happening outside your home, if you missed delivery or a parcel, but they’re also able to record up to 70hours of motion alerts to allow you to go back and find where your packages were delivered, or who knocked on the door while you were out.

Smart Security lights offer you more control: Current smart security lights are highly customizable. You can set motion sensory zones, motion alert notifications and the lights to illuminate for however long you wish after motion is detected. Being able to customize the motion sensory zones as well as the light’s illumination periods coupled with the ability to view a video live stream is what separates smart security lights from generic security systems as well as general security lights. They offer more options at an overall cheaper price.

36W SANSI Stellar Floodlight

Now its time to talk about what the SANSI Stellar Floodlight can do for your home. The main two things that this light will give you is convenience and peace of mind. This light coupled with its App enables you to protect your home all hours of the day even when you’re not in.


The Features

Motion Zones

Light Scheduling

The light’s homepage right away offers you the options of triggering motion alert notifications, turning the lights on alarming the siren, or looking through the camera for a live video feed. Also from this page, you’re able to view previously recorded motion, control your light’s settings further and check the device’s health. Setting your motion sensory zones and the time for the lights to stay illuminated is a great option to have. When your security light has such a powerful 3600lm beam it is important for you to choose an appropriate setting for yourself but also for your neighbors. As we all want to see what is happening but also need to be considerate at night time. Furthermore, in relation to your motion sensor, you can also change the sensitivity of the motion sensor. So if you want very small amounts of motion detected to alert you or you only want to be notified by very significant detected motion. The sensitivity is up to you. Scheduling when it comes to security lights is also really important. Although to be notified of every motion near your home can be great, personally, I do not want to be notified of them all during the day. I find it nice to have the option of switching the safety features off during times I do not wish to have them. You can say the time and the day when you don’t find the motion alerts to be necessary and this can make a big difference to your relationship with the light. Instead of looking at everything all the time, you may find you will only be looking when you really need to. Also, the motion detected is still recorded, so notifications for every happening near your home may not be necessary. Things such as packages, kids playing and someone just dropping by with a birthday card can just be viewed at a later time when needed. 


Overall, the SANSI Stellar Cam is going to change your life and your home. I've had it just over 2 weeks now and its already changed mine. I love being able to see outside my home whenever I wish and I love having a strong I light recommend was an excellent investment and an even better deterrent to criminals. I cannot recommend this enough if you want to increase the security of your home while also having something practical that helps the whole family. It Can be used on multiple phones via the Stellar Cam App and it's really made my life a lot easier. Before I was missing deliveries and packages wondering where they had been put. But now I feel much safer and more in control of my home and its Thanks to the SANSI Stellar Floodlight Cam.

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