What Is Ambient Lighting and How Can a UVA Black Light Bulb Be Used for It? 

What Is Ambient Lighting and How Can a UVA Black Light Bulb Be Used for It? 

The Lighting within your home is critical for comfort. For most of us, the home is where we go after work or activities to wind down and relax. So our homes need the right type of lighting that is going to promote these feelings of comfort and relaxation. There are 3 main types of lighting; Ambient, Task and Accent. Each has their own purpose and ambient lighting is the lighting type which affects our mood. So for within the home ambient lighting is important to understand and to know how to use it to benefit your home. 

What Is Ambient Light? 

Ambient lighting also referred to as general lighting, is the main light source of a room. Since ambient lighting is used for the general illumination of a room, it is not meant for visually demanding tasks. The key thing to remember about ambient lighting is that it usually does not come from just one light. It is usually layered from multiple lights. These multiple lights can be in any form of fixture i.e. table lamps, ceiling fans, chandeliers, etc.   

The Type of Bulb 

For LED bulbs there is a huge range of types and shapes that would not really be possible to list within this blog, so I will list a few which I believe are the most common for ambient lighting: 

Arbitrary (A) bulbs: These are the most commonly found bulbs and as well as their shape is probably the most recognizable. 

Candelabra Bulbs (CA) Bulbs: These are fantastic decorative options they can go up in chandeliers as well as wall sconces while filling the room with ambient light. 

Tubular (T): Mainly used in shop lights. These tubular lights are popular in garages and for offices. They can illuminate large spaces evenly and provide a well-balanced ambient light. 

UVA Bulbs: UVA bulbs are quite common for layered approaches to ambient lighting. They usually come in low wattages and small sizes due to the fact they’re not meant to be too intense. However, they provide a purplish light glow for the corner of your rooms while also having other options available if you would ever like to decorate using neon paints. 


Creative Interior Ambient Lights

UVA Blacklight bulbs are one way to creatively light your room. They emit a dim purplish glow which adds a new dimension to your room. Not only can they illuminate your day generally, if you’re an artistic interior designer they can transform your room in the dark. If you’re willing to paint the walls or objects with neon pain or have any type of neon objects they will glow some beautiful bright colors in the dark from your UVA bulb. This gives your home options as it enables it to transform from generic ambient lighting to something completely different whenever you need! 

What LED UVA Black Light Bulb to Buy? 


The SANSI 5W LED UVA Bulb is a fantastic option as an ambient UVA bulb. The great thing about these bulbs is that they come in a 2 pack. So for my bedroom, they were great as I usually have two table lamps. They brought out the black pain mural I had been working on for so long and now at night I can lay in bed and admire my work!  Now, about the bulbs themselves. 

These 5W UVA Bulbs emit a purple glow as their beam is 320-400nm in wavelength. Making it safer to have in your home than UVB or UVC rays, as the UVA wavelengths are longer and less intense on your body.

I also have some SANSI Omni-directional bulbs in my home and the design and structure are pretty similar which is great to me as I was satisfied with the previous bulbs I bought. As you can see their hollow body promotes faster heat dissipation to prolong the lifespan of the bulb. With a 25,000-hour lifespan and a 5-year warranty, these bulbs are a really safe buy! The long lifespan and the way these bulbs will be saving me up to 88% on my energy bills, is why I would recommend them to anyone! 

If you would like to purchase some UVA bulbs then follow the link below and don't forget to use the 20% off code on Amazon.com:  MKTUVBULB

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