What is an LED UVA Black Light Bulb?

What is an LED UVA Black Light Bulb?

An LED UVA bulb is an LED bulb that will emit a purplish glow to produce UVA light. Since Ultraviolet light has wavelengths shorter than visible light, the beam will be invisible to the naked eye. To understand what a UVA bulb can do for you and what you can use it for it is important to take a deeper look to see what it is and how you can use it for your own benefit.

What is UVA light? 

A UV light is divided into 3 categories UVA, UVB & UVC. UVA has the longest wavelength of these three bands. The wavelength of UVA ranges from 320nm-400nm. This makes it safer than UVB or UVC who have shorter wavelengths meaning they have more energy.

Is UVA the same as black light?  

UVA is also known as Black Light. Black light is used for various types of lighting effects, tanning beds or even for medical reasons to treat fungal or bacterial infections.

Why is a black light called a black light?

Black lights are lamps that emit ultraviolet light. Due to the fact that ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eyes, the light is considered black as your eyes are concerned. Fortunately, most black lights do emit some kind of violet light so you can avoid over-exposure.

What Are the Uses For UVA Bulbs?

UVA bulbs have a great number of uses.

Parties: Due to their ability to illuminate phosphorus materials, UVA bulbs are fantastic for any type of party. If you’re hosting a Halloween party or some kind of even that wants to use phosphorus effects, UVA bulbs are the main ingredient to getting these parties started!

Pets: A few different types of pets need UV lighting, especially reptiles. Although UVA is not essential, it has been shown that introducing some UVA to your reptiles can also improve their quality of life. UVA can help to regulate their circadian rhythm and can help promote natural behavior from some reptiles to help them identify food and mates.

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Which UVA Black Bulbs to choose?

I was hosting a birthday party about 3 weeks ago and it was going to be a UV paint party. I was hoping for a UVA bulb that could produce a beam that could illuminate the room but not be too intense. The SANSI 5W UVA bulb light up the room and got the party started! All the guests were asking me where I’d found such a bulb. The great thing about this bulb was that it has a hollow ceramic base that seemed to promote better heat dissipation. I also really like how the ceramic hollow body of the bulb looks. I’m really glad I can save a huge amount of energy and reduce the costs of my electricity bills while using this bulb!



If you would like to buy one, then go to SANSI’s Amazon Store below to check out their UVA bulbs with 30% off code: MKTBULB30




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