How To Purchase The Most Optimal LED Wall Pack Light For Your Property?

How To Purchase The Most Optimal LED Wall Pack Light For Your Property?

LED Wall pack lights are exterior lighting options for residential or commercial buildings. However, LED wall pack lights aren’t as straightforward as they might appear. There are various designs, beam spreads, and optics that will impact their performance and determine which one your property requires.

What Are LED Wall Pack Lights?

LED Wall pack lights are exterior lighting options for your home or commercial property. They’re installed onto walls, roofs to illuminate pathways, drives, or entrances and exits. Although traditionally they have been used more for industrial lighting, recently they have become more popular for residential use. Especially with the development of smaller-scale LED wall packs.

LED Wall Pack Applications

LED Wall Pack lights are cost-efficient exterior lighting solutions. Their main function is to provide wide illuminance of pathways, entries, exits, and driveways. Providing general illuminance and added security to your property. LED Wall packs also bring some added benefits to your exterior lighting. These being; saving on energy costs, no maintenance, and superior lighting performance. When replacing a traditional HPS Wall pack with LED, as an estimate you can pretty much a half watt’s used. If you use a 250W HPS you can look for 100-130W LED Wall packs to replace them. Using half, the energy, and having a longer lifespan is definitely going to save you tons of cash in the short and long-term!

Types of Wall Pack Designs

Wall pack lights have 3 main types of designs forward throw/ traditional design, cutoff wall packs, and up/down wall packs. Each design has its own specific application by affecting the light distribution of the light. Defining what each design provides in light distribution can lead to you making a  more suitable purchase for your property.

Forward Throw Wall Packs

This design is the most common design of wall pack light. Forward throw lights produce light directionally forwards in a rounded distribution pattern. This is for increased light output and distribution for illuminating wider areas. Rounded light distribution combined with a high lumens output would be great for lighting pathways, driveways, and adding security to your property.

Cut off Wall packs

Cut off wall packs are not completely open like forwarding throw wall packs. However, they have their own benefits. Due to their directional design, they completely eliminate light trespassing. So, if you want sharper edges on your property’s lighting at night time and more defined areas, cut off wall packs may be the right purchase. Their beam angle comes out anywhere between 80-90 degrees, meaning they do cover less area than a regular shape LED wall pack. Due to their small beam coverage and low glare, these lights are fantastic for exterior lighting a porch, or home within a built-up area. As they reduce the light glare, light trespassing, and sky glow. Overall leaving your neighbors happier.  

 Up/Down Wall Packs

Up /down wall packs are usually used as wall sconces or spotlights for practical or specific illumination. They’re used for highlighting features pr creating lighting effects on walls. Using their cut-off lighting effect you’ll be saving a lot of light energy and distribution as their beam is directional onto where they’re trying to illuminate. These are great options for pathways, porches, and creating exterior home lighting effects.

Wall Pack Beam Distribution

Knowing the light’s beam distribution will aid you in selecting the most optimal light for your project. The easiest way in finding the most optimal light is to understand the terminology when it comes to wall pack lights and their specification lists.

NSP Narrow Spot: 15-30 degrees coverage. Can be used for lighting pathways specific areas intensely, making them more popular for commercial lighting, however can be used in residential applications.

VNSP Very Narrow Spot: Less than 15 degrees coverage. These beams are very directional and focused and can be used for wall washing effects or highlighting specific objects in the front or back yard.

NFL Narrow Flood: 60-90 degrees coverage, NFL is more popular for residential use as they produce wider-reaching beams that create more general illumination for walkways and entrances and exits.

WFL Wide Flood: 120-160 degrees coverage. These produce beams that are similar to regular floodlight coverage. Although their beam may be slightly less intense than a regular floodlight, their reach and beamwidth would be very similar. Having this kind of lighting option attached to the exterior of your property definitely adds better safety and general illuminance.

The Best Wall Pack Lighting Option

SANSI’s 70w Wall pack Lights are a practical and optimal exterior light for any type of property. Their pre-installed D2D sensor allows them to sense when darkness is setting outside in order to help them illuminate your property without any hassle. These lights produce bright wide-ranging beams for versatile applications. Providing safety, general illuminance, and some aesthetic lighting too onto your building.

Technological Advantages

The use of ceramic heat sinks allows these lights to be almost 50% more efficient than HID wall packs. By getting the same number of lumens while consuming half the energy is one of the main reasons for buying LED lights. SANSI’s 70W LED wall packs to add superior lighting, added safety, and lower costs to your home or property. They’re a cost-efficient investment with a high return on performance. If you’re looking for efficiency, bright lights, and superior technology. SANSI 70W Wall pack lights are the light for you!

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