How to Swap HID to LED Wall Packs

How to Swap HID to LED Wall Packs

HID Wall Pack units were always a very popular wall lighting option previously. However, now due to improvements in lighting quality and energy efficiency of LEDs. HID Wall Packs appear a little outdated.  For replacing HID lights with an LED Wall Pack light there’s a number of things you will need to look at to make the change. The wattage, lumens photopic and scotopic, color temperature, and luminous efficacy.

Find The Wattage of the HID Lamp

When replacing any light, it is important to know the original light’s wattage and wall packs are no different. So, you’re going to need to find out the wattage of your current wall pack light. When it comes to efficiency HID, HPS any type of high-intensity discharge light is far less efficient than LEDs to produce the same amount of brightness. So, the wattage for the LED equivalent is going to be much less. To determine what type of LED replacement, you will need through brightness there is also a fast method.

Finding the lumens of HIP Wall Pack Lights

The mean lamp lumens are the average lumen output of light over its entire life. HID lumen outputs actually decrease over time. Due to the fact HID lumens to decrease over time, manufacturers will list their mean lumens output at 50% of their lifespan. If you contact HID wall pack, light suppliers, you will be able to get this number.

Using mean lumens for visible light, Scotopic & photopic ratio

Scotopic photopic ratios are not usually listed when it comes to purchasing outdoor lights, however, they’re very important. The Scotopic: Photopic ratio measures how much-emitted light is useful to the human eye. These useful lumens are VELS Visually Effective Lumens.  Lights with higher S:P ratios will produce better quality and more useful light for our eyes. A higher S:P ratio means more VELS.

Our eyes received light through a combination of photoreceptors rods and cones. Rods are sensitive to blue light while cones are sensitive to red, green, and some blue light.  

Cones primarily control our photopic vision and occurs in high light levels

Rods control our scotopic vision and occur in low light levels.

Basic S:P Calculations example and how to use S:P Ratios

2100K HPS light= 0.4 SP ratio

5000K LED=1.8 SP Ratio

Regular sized HPS for a residential wall maybe around 5000 lumens

5000 lumens x 0.4= 2000 scotopic lumens useful to your eyes from the light

LED equivalent= 2000/1.8 SP ratio= 1111 lumens          

So from a scotopic point of view, you will only need 111 lumens of LED to replace 5000 lumens of HPS light.

Why S:P Ratios for Outdoor Lighting?

LED lights to appear much brighter than traditional HPS street lights, why? Because LEDs contain blue light and the rods in our eyes react to blue light making everything appear much brighter and clearer. Understanding S:P ratios for outdoor lighting can be instrumental in choosing the correct light for replacing an old HPS exterior light.

Using S:P ratio and understanding how it affects our eyes, you will be able to save money by purchasing lights that provide you with enough light. When it comes to exterior lighting people usually buy too much brightness and power, especially with LEDs. Their higher blue light levels and energy efficiency make them appear brighter to our eyes so you may need less power than you think.

What’s A Good Outdoor Wall Pack Light?

SANSI’s 70W Dusk to Dawn LED Wall Pack light is a fantastic exterior lighting option. They’re bright, easy to install, and require zero maintenance. Using a D2D photocell these lights react to the outdoor environment. Illuminating when it is dark and switching off when it is bright outside. Saving you energy and time!

These lights provide practical and secure light to your home and the exterior of your home will benefit greatly from these. If you’re looking for smart secure lighting, SANSI’s 70W Wall Pack Lights are the brightest and most cost-effective outdoor LED lights on the market!



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