Home Office Lighting Tips

Home Office Lighting Tips

As a result of COVID 19 and new isolation and social distancing rules, governments and countries have required many of us to work from home. Especially for office workers. Even with the pandemic slowly subsiding there may be a new trend in working from home. Home offices may become the new way to work. Those of us who have worked from home before for extended periods of time knows how difficult the initial phase of working in a home office can be. Getting distracted, finding it hard to focus, and feeling sleepy before the end of the day. So let’s see how we can use LED lights to help reduce tiredness and improve our home working productivity.

Indoor Lighting For Efficiency

For improving your overall performance, your environment needs to be streamlined towards better work conditions. If your surroundings are convenient and ergonomic, you’re simply going to be more productive. In the past effective office, lighting meant bright lighting. However, opinions have changed on this. Optimal lighting is what you need. If a light is too bright on your screen the images on your screen are harder to see and cause eye irritation.

So, your ergonomic lighting needs to be centered around the location of your computer, the tasks you do.


Let In natural Daylight

Natural light is the best type of light on your eyes. If your home office has a big window or any type of window move your station towards it. Natural light is easiest on your eyes, however, if you’re sitting by the window also hoping to get your daily dose of vitamin D, you will need to go outside. UVB rays, that cause our bodies to produce vitamin D can’t penetrate through glass windows.


Layered Lighting

It is actually more common than we think to see a person working under a single desk lamp in the dark. Although it seems the archetypal image for working hard from home. It's much better for your eyes and productivity to have a balanced lit room. With ambient and task lighting mixed together.

Simply just having overhead or task lighting creates a strain on your eyes. Mix in some ambient or ambient soft yellow light to reduce eye strain.

Avoid overhead

Overhead lighting is direct and harsh on your eyes. Your screen may be harder to see making your eyes work harder than they need to. Layer the room with some ambient light that can illuminate the space without creating glare and contrast.

20-20-20 Rule

In order to reduce eye strain with long exposure to computer screens, the 20-20-20 rule is a way to take a break. CVS (computer vision strain) can be a real issue for people causing blurred vision, head, or neck pain. The simple 20-20-20 rule is one way of trying to reduce eye strain or CVS through a break.

It works like this; for every 20 minutes of looking at a screen, look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This will give your eyes a rest and refocus they need. Although taking a slight break every 20-minute sounds often, overall, it makes you more productive.

Work smarter not harder!

What Are The Best Home Office bulbs?

When it comes to office lighting there are various needs. You will need some task lighting and ambient lighting. This can be a mix of yellow and white bulbs. SANSI provides 18W bulbs that offer both 5000K & 3000K. Providing you with task and ambient lighting. Each bulb comes in a 4 pack so you can fill more than one room around your home with the range of these bulbs and keep your home lit for a long time!

SANSI 18W LED Bulb Advantages

SANSI 18W LED Bulbs combine a hollow body design with ceramic heat sinks to make one of the brightest most efficient bulbs on the market. Their hollow body promotes air convection through the bulb to shift the heat created away from the LED chips and body of the LED bulb. While the ceramic heat sink enables heat from the LED chips to be shifted down to the hollow body. The unique design and use of ceramics in these bulbs allow them to run for a longer time and brighter.

The 5000K daylight is going to help with the task and general lighting within your office or home. While the 300K bulb’s soft yellow glow will fill your room with warmth and ambiance.

Working from home can be hard and to be the most productive we first need to be proactive. Your work starts first with your environment!  

If you would like to purchase some bulbs that will help your home and work then follow the link.

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