How To Choose the Right LED Downlight?

How To Choose the Right LED Downlight?

LED downlights are one of the best ways to light up indoor domestic and commercial areas. This is because LED downlights are versatile. They can come as dimmable and non-dimmable as well as in varying color temperatures and brightness. The directional light they output as well as their sleek and unobtrusive appearance is what makes them one of the most functional lights on the market. Recessed LED lights can be used creatively all over your home from downlighting, wall lighting, and uplighting in order to create the perfect room with layered lighting to meet your needs.

What are LED Floodlights?

LED downlights are spotlights that are recessed into the ceiling. They provide bright directional light that can be used for all types of lighting that you need. They can supplement task lighting, general lighting, and ambient lighting if needed. Due to the fact they are unnoticeable as they are recessed into the ceiling but can provide any type of beam you need, they’re one of the most popular options for the home and stores. The most unique feature of these lights is their shape and how they fit into the room they are in. They will have housing or “rough-in” that will act as the protection of the downlight and they are what goes up into the ceiling when they are first installed. The light’s wiring is put right up on the back of the light with the housing so that their flat unobtrusive appearance is all you will see once they are installed. Their flat and subtle appearance is what makes people love them. A number of bulbs and lights can provide a bright beam but do it overwhelmingly. LED Downlights give you everything. Their bright beam and subtle appearance make your home or commercial area more stylish.


Where Can LED Downlights Be Used

LED Downlights can be used in a range of places from residential to commercial properties. Depending on their beam’s range, color temperature, and brightness; they’re suitable for the task, general and ambient lighting.

LED Downlights Around the home:



LED Downlights can make a huge difference to your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most versatile rooms in the home so you need LED lights that appreciate this. For the kitchen, you will need a strong bright daylight color temperature beam around 5000K. This is because the kitchen requires task lighting as a whole as you need to have a clear picture of what you are doing. Depending on where the kitchen of your home is situated you may even like to have your kitchen lights on at night time as well even when you’re not using it for added security. This is where a dimmable LED Downlight will be ideal. If you can get hold of a downlight that has a super bright daylight beam that is also dimmable you will have the ideal lighting for your kitchen.

Living room & bedrooms:

Living rooms and bedrooms need warmer soft light to create a more relaxing ambiance. A color temperature of around 3000K-4000K would produce a warm yellow-tinted beam that would make the room feel warmer and more comfortable. Again if you would like a more versatile light for your bedroom or living room as everybody has different demands, a dimmable downlight is a great option.

One of the best things light can be is versatile and an LED downlight is definitely this. Due to the fact that different rooms require different color temperatures and different lighting controls, it is important to purchase a light that can be adjusted to each individual scenario. This is where SANSI LED Downlights come in. I purchased two for my living room and 3 for my kitchen. I purchased the 4000K dimmable 15W Ceiling Downlights. They were super easy to install and with a diameter of only 6 inches, they fitted into my ceilings perfectly. SANSI was a great company to order ceiling downlights from as their recessed ceiling lights are available to be customized to whatever color temperature you need. This along with a dimmable and non-dimmable version means SANSI has one of the most diversified downlight selections on the market!

15W SANSI LED Downlight Performance

The 15W SANSI LED Downlight gave my living room and my kitchen exactly what I wanted. They produced a powerful directional beam that was able to light up the whole room! The color temperature was pretty close to natural daylight which was good for me as I don’t like it to be too bright anyway. Because I’d bought the dimmable version I was worried about flickering or buzzing noise, especially as I had 3 in the same room. However, they were silent and smoothly dimmed from 10%-100%, which I’d never really seen before in any dimmable light! Their ceramic body and 120lumens/W energy ratio make them one of the most efficient lights on the market. These lights are super bright, super effective and have become an integral part of my home. I can’t believe I didn’t use them before!

Buying SANSI LED Downlights

If you would like to buy some of these lights for yourselves then follow the link below to get a great deal on LED Downlights. These are bright, efficient and everything your home wants in a light!


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