The Most Cost-effective Floodlights In 2019

 The Most Cost-effective Floodlights In 2019

LED Floodlights bring heaps of benefits to a number of different users. They can be used for residential and commercial properties in order to provide ambient or secure lighting, depending on what you need. When people first look into purchasing LED Floodlights, myself included, they’re concerned about the initial startup cost and worry if they’re worth the investment. However, when it comes to LED Floodlights it’s important to know what you’re looking for in order to make them cost-effective and a good investment.

Who needs an LED Floodlight?

In order to make you purchase the most cost-effective, the first step is to see if you actually need an LED floodlight. If you’re a homeowner or a just trying to protect your commercial property with more light, an LED Floodlight would be a great idea! However, when you’re looking for an LED Floodlight there are some things you should look out for in order to get the most for your money! So this blog will list some of the features you should be looking for to get ahead of the game!

What to look for in a cost-effective LED Floodlight?

To find the most cost-effective LED floodlight there are some key features you can look for in order to get your money’s worth.

Easy Installation: A floodlight that’s easy to install saves you money, time and effort. If you’re able to install a powerful energy-efficient LED Floodlight yourself, you’ve saved yourself an installation fee and a lot of time.

Power Selection: Power selection is important, especially when it comes to choosing floodlights. You don’t want anything too powerful or too dim, so make sure you know how many lumens you’re looking for. To get a rough idea, Floodlights range from anywhere between 20W to 1000W. If you’re looking for lighting up your front or back yard you should look into the lux level of the light in order to best see what fits. Generally, a back yard of around 40 square meters can be illuminated well by any light with a lux between 100-200, depending on how bright you would like your yard to be. If you would like to have a rough estimate for a garden of 40 meters squared you can work it out by finding the brightness: 40x100=4000lumens.

Durability: When looking at an LED Floodlight, especially if you need to put it outdoors would be its IP rating. IP (Ingress Protection) rating is an international standard that shows the protection the light has against dust and water. The IP rating of an outdoor light would usually be IP65. The 6 in this instance is the highest rating of protection from solids getting into the fitting, usually dust. The 5 in relation to this light is its protection against water. A rating of 5 or higher means the light is protected against water jet sprays and powerful jet sprays from any angle. So if you want a light that will be well protected throughout the whole year and all four seasons you’re best looking for a floodlight with an IP rating of IP65 and above.

Heat Dissipation: When it comes to LED floodlights, heat dissipation is key. Due to the fact that LED Floodlights are very powerful with super bright beams, there will be a lot of heat created within the light and surrounding the LED chips. If the heat is not dissipated well enough, the lifespan of the chips and the light will be impacted greatly. One of the best things to look out for when looking at buying a powerful LED floodlight in order to cut costs would be a heat sink design surrounding the LED chips. Heat sink designs will dissipate the heat of the light efficiently and definitely prolong the life of your light. Overall, saving you a lot of costs in fixing and replacements.

SANSI 30W Floodlights

After thinking of all the features I should be looking for in a floodlight the 30W SANSI floodlight is what caught my eye! So I bought 2. One was a 30W 5700K daylight and the other was an RGB Floodlight. Using around 3000lm, they lit up my entire yard! First of all, what got my attention was their look. I really like the hollow design of the light. Although I know this is for dissipating heat, I like the hollow design. It makes them unique. 


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