The Best Outdoor Lights For Christmas 2020

The Best Outdoor Lights For Christmas 2020

This year has been maybe the most unusual years to date. So why not try to go all out this year on the exterior of your home for Christmas decorations and lights. With the holiday season underway now and Christmas coming in fast you’re going to need to be quick! So we’re going to point out some of the fastest, simplest, and most effective ways to decorate the outside of your home for Christmas! Traditionally residential and commercial properties have used ornaments. Garlands and string lights over objects in the yard or hanging off the roof.  

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Decorations

Long-term Lighting LEDs

Every year buying the same or similar lights can put you off decorating, especially with hanging them up and installation included. Christmas lights usually come in large numbers and can be annoying to get out for the holiday season. For many years I was buying new lights every year then suddenly stood back and thought why? I can just purchase long-lasting more durable bulbs that can be taken out year on year.

Why LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights are better lighting alternatives to incandescent or traditional lighting solutions. They’re more durable, more energy-efficient, and perform far better. LED Christmas lights are able to work in conditions as low as -25C and have no start-up time. Meaning they can illuminate your home or yard right away!

What Types of Christmas Bulbs?

Outdoor Christmas lighting has certain styles and looks people go for. These specific looks are reflected in their choice of bulb. Most homes use string lights on their exterior during the holidays. Depending on the type of look you want, you can choose which type of bulbs you need.

For exterior Christmas string lights there are 3 different shapes and different sizing options: 

C6 Bulbs: These are common small strawberry-shaped string lights. The most common and traditional bulbs for outdoor holiday lighting. Around ¾ inch in diameter and 11/8 in length.

C7 Bulbs: Similar shape to C6 so provide the same look, however, they are larger bulbs 1inch in diameter and 1 ½ inch long.

C9: The biggest version of the C-type bulb. 1 ¼ inch diameter 5/8 inches long. Making these the biggest and most striking bulbs you can find of the C strawberry-shaped bulbs. However, using a combination of all 3 sizes would be the most aesthetic.

G Bulbs: G shaped Christmas Bulbs are large round bauble shaped bulbs. They can be used indoors or outdoors in various colors to bring the Christmas spirit. To find their diameter take the number that is written after the G and divide by 8. E.G G30 is 4 inches in diameter.

Rope Lights: Rope lights are also one of the cheapest and most effective light string light variations you can buy. They’re cheap and long-lasting in LED versions and can be used for a long time. Due to their various colors, they’re a fantastic string lighting option for the exterior of your home or on objects or trees.  

How to Make Christmas Lighting Easier?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to light the exterior of your home for Christmas with various colors would be to use an RGB Floodlight. LED RGB floodlights can provide wall washing, silhouetting, and party lighting effects. Their beams can be strobed and multi-colored making them maybe the most efficient way in lighting up your home or yard for Christmas.

Why Are LED RGB Floodlights Most Efficient?

Compared to traditional string lights and garden ornaments with lights on, RGB floodlights are the simplest to install. You just angle them in the direction you wish and plug them in. RGB Floodlights save you installation bother and money long term with their long lifespan and practicality. Their biggest benefit in comparison to other smaller string lights is that they’re not just for Christmas. If you purchase an RGB Floodlight with a white beam included, it can be used as a general security light or for illumination throughout the rest of the year!

 What’s The Best Outdoor LED Floodlight Option?

SANSI’s 100W RGB Floodlight is an energy-efficient cost-effective outdoor lighting solution. It can produce 16 different colors at 4 variable modes. Meaning it can be applied all around the home or yard to produce holiday lighting.

The Benefits of SANSI Floodlights

They’re more energy-efficient and longer-lasting. Their ceramic technology and hollow bodies promote heat dissipation and air convection actively and passively in unison. This combination leads to their life being longer and their overall running temperature lower than other LEDs on the market. If you purchase these, you’ll be getting more lumens for using less energy. If you’re a keen investor and like to see the long term benefits of products, these 100W RGB Floodlights are the answer:

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