What is Handy For Starting A Smart Home: The Essentials

What is Handy For Starting A Smart Home: The Essentials

Starting up a Smart Home until recently sounded like an expensive and difficult task. However, now with the improvements in smart technology and products, almost everything now for your home can be controlled via your mobile phone or smart assistant. The key to setting up a smart home easily is to not overcomplicate it. The market is flooded with accessories and hubs, but maybe there is not much need for all of it right away. To start off with a basic Smart Home you will need some smart products and maybe a smart assistant. 

Getting A Smart Assistant

For Home Smart Assistants there are a few options. Amazon Alexa, Google’s Assistant or Apple’s Siri. For each of these there are some positives and negatives so let’s list a few to give you a better idea. 

Amazon Alexa  Google’s Assistant  Apple’s Siri 
 Positives  Negatives  Positives   Negatives   Positives   Negatives 
Most products are compatible with Alexa  Amazon does not control their data; you would have to check each accessories’ policy for what they do with your data. Google Assistant is cheap at around $130 Requires user to give access to a lot of data Simple to use Listening issues, Siri is not that good at picking out what you specifically say
Echo Dot is small and cheap Have to talk to the Amazon Alexa or Echo Dot itself, not just speak to your phone to make it work.  Can ask a broader range of questions  Needs constant internet connection  Works with any Apple device A limited number of devices work with Siri
Works with Apple & Android phones    Some new versions of Android already have an Assistant.   Don’t need to buy a hub  


Overall, the suggested smart assistant would be Amazon Alexa due to its fair price and wide-ranging compatibility with various smart devices. 

IFTTT <a href="https://ifttt.com/" target="_blank">IFTTT</a> 

IFTTT can be a great help to your smart home assistants. It is a very simple app that can be downloaded from the App Store or google play store that helps connect your smart devices. IFTT makes the operation and integration of all of your devices much smoother. It can allow you to switch on the kitchen lights when your smart slow cooker is finished or set the lights off when the TV has been switched on. IFTT is the most cost-effective way of integrating your devices and making your home smarter. The best part is, it is free!    

What Devices Are Best For A Smart Home? 

Smart Lighting Device For A Smart Home 

Smart lights are probably the easiest to set up and the most effective smart device you can have in your home. If you own a set of RGB smart bulbs, with scheduling and various color settings you can change the mood and function of your home. Scheduling lights and colors make a huge difference in the quality of your life. By setting suitable colors at the correct times, you will be sleeping better, waking up fresher and be more focused while doing tasks. Smart lights are one of the first smart devices you should purchase for your home! 

SANSI 10W RGB Smart Bulbs

The SANSI RGB Smart Bulbs are a great lighting option for smart homes. Their simple set up and easy installation makes them an ideal lighting option for any home looking for smart solutions. Their scheduling and preset options make the light easy to use and effective in bringing color and brightness to your home! 

Smart Security Systems 

Smart security systems such as smart doorbells and alarms are an incredibly easy way to set up a more secure and smarter home. Smart doorbells or LED floodlights with security cameras are very easy to install and very effective in protecting your home. Brands such as August make smart locks along with iSmartAlarms which are compatible with Alexa now. 

What About Smart Plugs? 

Smart plugs can bring a lot of smart benefits to your home’s already simple devices! If your devices are already “simple” and “not smart” smart plugs and their App can offer them a new lease of life. Pretty much any device can become smart and controllable via the plug and App and event schedules can be set via the App! 

The Basics For A Smart Home 

Overall, if you purchase and use each of these suggestions you are going to create yourself a very cost-effective smart home! By integrating each smart device with IFTTT and using an effective cheap assistant that is compatible with the most number of devices, you are enabling yourself to expand your smart home to however much you need! 

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