What to Look for in Amazon Best-Selling LED Grow Light?

What to Look for in Amazon Best-Selling LED Grow Light?

LED grow lights are fantastic for indoor gardeners as they give you plants options. If your plant is struggling, you can use LED grow lights to supplement it, and if your plant is out of season, you can also grow it indoors without the need for natural sunlight. The main issue in regards to LED grow lights now is that the market is saturated. So to find the best LED grow lights for 2019, you’re going to have to look for some key features.


Energy Efficiency PAR/Watt

Energy efficiency has become a term synonymous with LED lights. However, just looking at the amount of electricity a light consumes is not that useful for grow lights. It would be more useful to see how much light your grow light can give your plant per watt. So to get a good insight into how efficient and effective a grow light is, it would be a good idea to look at the PAR/Watt. This can be done by using the Watts and PAR values provided by the manufacturer in order to give you a better idea about the efficiency of the grow light.


Full Spectrum

The best indoor gardens replicate the plant’s natural habitat. Every plant grows under natural daylight and this is why a full spectrum beam is the best option. They’re the closest beam in replicating natural sunlight. Due to the fact that the beam contains all of the wavelengths of natural sunlight. The great thing about full-spectrum beams is that they’re good for all stages of the plant’s growth cycle. Due to the fact that full-spectrum beams have Red, Blue, UV, Green, Far-Red wavelengths. Meaning this light can help with the seedlings stage, vegetative stage and flowering stage. Making a full-spectrum LED grow light a cost-effective option. 


Heat Dissipation 

One of the main benefits of using an indoor LED grow light is that they minimize operating costs. They consume much less energy and run at a much lower temperature in comparison to traditional incandescent lamps. This is beneficial for both small and large scale indoor grow projects as it reduces the amount of cooling equipment you need while getting a high-quality light!


Ceramic and Heat Dissipation

The use of ceramic heat sinks has become a popular alternative to aluminum as ceramic helps simplify the action of heat dissipation within an LED light. The benefits of adopting a ceramic heat sink are that you get a circuit board and a heatsink meaningless parts. Fewer parts mean less heat and fewer pieces to wear out. Making a ceramic light longer lasting and a higher lumen/ watt output.


Check Amazon Reviews

All over Amazon, you can see very high rated products and although this is somewhat reliable, it is better to be proactive and look deeper into the Amazon Reviews on LED grow light. Do not just look at the 5-star reviews, check out the 4 and 3-star reviews too. To see why some customers had a less positive experience with the product. Also, you need to look out for very short positive reviews that are brief and from multiple customers within a short space of time.


What’s A Great LED Grow Light Deal on Amazon?

SANSI 24W Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Light

SANSI’s 24W LED indoor grow light bulb is our top-selling small scale indoor grow light for orchids and tomatoes. The great thing about this bulb is its structure, design and simple installation. With its E26 base, it can be placed in any fixture around the home, while giving you full-spectrum powerful light. The benefit to this light having a full spectrum beam is not only for your plants but also for your home. As it replicates natural sunlight, it will provide your home with a beam that has a CRI of 97, providing your home with one of the most natural lights you can get! If you are looking for a cost-effective high quality indoor grow light, the SANSI 24W LED grow light is the way to go!


If you’re looking to get the Best LED grow light deal on Amazon, then follow the link here to SANSI’s official store or SANSI’s Amazon store:

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