Why Are LED Security Lights Best For Winter?

Why Are LED Security Lights Best For Winter?

Winter is the most difficult time for security lighting and protecting your home. With winter comes extremely cold conditions, longer nights, leaving your home to feel more vulnerable. Although overall, most crime statistics decrease along with the temperature, property crimes in fact increase in some areas as the weather drops and the days get shorter. One way of deterring property crimes is by having an effective security lighting system in place to deter criminals and other unwanted objects from approaching your home. In order to find the most effective lighting system for winter, it is important to know what you need to be looking for. 

What to look for in a Winter Security Light? 


The overall durability of light helps the light in two ways. It makes the light require no maintenance and it makes the light suitable for harsh cooler weather. LED security lights are known for withstanding very harsh conditions meaning you won’t need to be outside changing anything all winter. Saving you a lot of time and money! 

Bright Illumination

LED’s are well known for their incredible brightness. LED security lights are some of the brightest lights on the market. The great thing is that even though they provide a lot of lumens they don’t consume a lot of energy. On average an LED security will be producing around 100 lumens/ Watt of energy. Meaning a conservative sized 18W security light would still be able to produce around 2000 lumens of light. Which will be able to illuminate a pretty large driveway or yard. 

Suitable For Cold Temperatures

The main advantage LED’s have in cold weather other CFL’s is that as the temperature gets colder they get more efficient. They don’t produce excess heat the same way that other lights do meaning they conserve energy throughout drastic weather and produce the same bright bulb! 

Long Lifespan

LED security lights have longer lifespans than other lights on the market. This is because other types of lights including CFL’s cold winter temperatures wear on the electric bulbs quicker as they create a lot of heat and don’t dissipate it efficiently enough. LED’s run at much lower temperatures allowing for a lesser effect on the LED chips when the temperature drops. 

Why are LED security lights better in cold weather?

LED security lights are the best option for winter outdoor lighting as they’re practically made for cold temperatures. Heat is usually their downfall, so operating in cooler conditions helps them perform. Unlike CFL’s and other traditional types of lights they don’t need heat to turn on, they’re ideal for outside winter lighting. This plus their durability, bright illumination, and energy-efficiency, make them ideal for being used outside your home all year. Especially through the dark cold winters! 

What light do I suggest?

For this winter 2019/2020, I would suggest the SGLEDs 36Watt LED Security Light. This can provide a beam of 5000K at 3600 lumens. Enough to light up a really large area. The great thing about these lights is that they have floodlights built on top of a motion security light. Making this security light practical and super bright! 

These lights are fantastic because they have adjustable heads and use patented ceramic heat sink technology. Heat sink technology is possibly the most efficient cooling system for LED lights. Meaning these lights will dissipate heat more efficiency prolonging the life of the light! SGLEDs security light is durable, easy to install and incredibly bright! Making it the best option for security lighting your home this winter! 

If you want to brighten up your yard this winter follow the link below to SGLEDs Amazon store:

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