Why Your Home Needs An LED Smart Bulb

Why Your Home Needs An LED Smart Bulb

In recent years’ smart bulbs and smart homes have been on the rise. Although smart bulbs have been around for a while now, their size, brightness, and color representation are much better than ever before! Also, their controls and set-up have become a lot easier with better apps.1

With the current market saturated with smart bulbs, it’s hard to find exactly what your home needs. So you need to know what you’re looking for and how they can benefit your home. The best purchase you can make is an informed purchase and this blog will help outline for you what a smart bulb is, what an RGB bulb is and what they can do for your home. So let’s take a look.

What is A Smart Bulb?

Smart bulbs are internet-capable LED bulbs. They’re able to have their lighting customized, scheduled or manually controlled via an App. The great thing about smart bulbs, especially RGB ones is the various colors they can put out. RGB smart bulbs are fantastic in rooms all over the home that require versatile lighting. With RGB bulbs the various colors and dimmable settings allow the bulb to adapt your room to all types of scenarios. Task lighting, general lighting, and ambient lighting. Making them a great option for most rooms in your home!

What Can Smart Bulbs Do?

There’s a great amount of functionality to LED smart bulbs. They can be used in every room around the home and are really simple to use.

Convenient: If you have a smart bulb that has an easy to use App and was simple to install they become incredibly convenient. Just by using your phone you’re able to control and adjust the lighting in your home to match your mood or tasks.

They can be controlled anywhere: Some smart bulbs have scheduling features, which are great for when you go on holiday. You can set the bulbs to turn on for night time to make your home look like it is occupied. Also because smart bulbs are controlled by the internet as long as your phone has access to a network you can set the lighting the indoor lighting even when you’re not home.


Color Changing: Dimmable bulbs are a great way to set the mood. However, color-changing RGB bulbs are a game changer! Some RGB bulbs can produce up to 16 million colors making them able to match any mood you’re feeling! During parties, they can be multicolored to create an atmosphere. During Christmas, they can be red to create the Christmas spirit. Even if your walls are just plain white and your room needs temporary change RGB bulbs are more than capable of doing this!

Can help your circadian rhythm: If you’re able to get an RGB bulb that is able to emit the certain color temperatures that regulate your melatonin levels during the day and night you’re onto a winner! Everyone has woken up in the middle of the night switched the bright white light bulb on and struggled to get back to sleep. By having an RGB bulb the risk of white light waking you up in the middle of the night is highly reduced as you have the option of having a softer darker light that can help you get back to sleep as soon as possible.

Will You Need Special Fittings?

This is a common question asked when people are first looking into smart bulbs and the answer is no. You won’t need any special fittings or fixtures for RGB smart bulbs. They usually have standard bases and can be placed in almost every commonplace fixture or fitting.

Using A Smart Bulb

Smart bulbs are simple to use and in the modern world are easy to access. Most smart bulbs are controlled via your phone or tablet through their App. Some bulbs can also be controlled via Alexa or Google Assistant, depending on what you’ve bought. The bulbs that are compatible with these digital assistants usually have a logo or stamp on their packaging so look out for these if you are looking for bulbs that can. Smart bulbs with their simple Apps and easy access, make them now one of the most desired bulbs for the home.

Conclusion for RGB Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs bring your home versatility. They’re easy to use, easy to control and can provide your home with a wide range of colors to match your mood or needs. By scheduling your lights and adopting LED lighting, you’d be saving yourself a ton on electricity and energy bills. Considering the prices of normal LED bulbs and the price of Smart RGB bulbs, it is definitely worth ignoring the slight price difference and adding more versatility to your home!

What Smart Bulb Would I Recommend?

Personally, I really like the SANSI 10W RGBW Smart Bulb. I went with SANSI because I’d already used their RGB Floodlight for my backyard and just heard that they had new RGBW smart bulbs on the market.


I installed these bulbs easily and was really impressed by their lumens and brightness for using just 10 Watts. They put out all of the colors an RGB bulb can emit at 800 lumens, meaning this bulb can really light up or color a whole room. The great this about these bulbs is that they emit a daylight 5000K beam as well. This is why they’re known as RGBW bulbs, because of their bright white light! I really liked these bulbs and would recommend them to anyone looking for an easy to use effective RGB bulb.

If you would like to buy some RGB Bulbs, then you may choose SANSI and follow the link here:

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