What are the Advantages of Buying an RGB LED Floodlight?

What are the Advantages of Buying an RGB LED Floodlight?

LED Floodlights are becoming increasingly popular for both home and commercial properties. Nowadays the market is full of various types of LED floodlights. RGB LED Floodlights are becoming increasingly popular due to their color-changing wall washer effect. They can change the look of a building in one quick switch. They’re a very low-cost way to invigorate your building and to grab people’s attention. Before we see what are the benefits of buying an exterior LED Floodlight we can first look at the features you should be looking for.

The Features of Outdoor LED Floodlights to Look for

Bright and wide beam Adjustable Bracket
LED Floodlight’s bright and wide beam angles are the main reason people buy them. They’re mainly used outside to illuminate buildings or yards, so they need to be able to illuminate large areas. Exterior LED Floodlights need adjustable brackets. Adjustable brackets not only make them easier to use, but they also make them more versatile.
Weatherproof Easy Set-up Good Heat Dissipation
When looking for an LED Floodlight they need to be durable. For their weatherproofing, you should be looking for at least IP65 so it is protected against jet sprays and dustproof. Also, you should look into the material of the frame so that it is also anti-corrosive allowing the light to last for a long time. For outdoor lighting and especially a home or garden lighting, you want an easy to use Floodlight. You want something bright and simple to install and there are a few LED Floodlights on the market now that can be.     Effective heat dissipation is another key feature you should be looking for in your LED Floodlight. LED’s run at lower temperatures than traditional incandescent Floodlights. This is great, but effective heat dissipation can help prolong the life of the Floodlight as well as it is safer.

Now you have looked out for some key features of Floodlights to look for we can move on to the benefits they can bring to your home.  

The Benefits of RGB LED Floodlights

There are numerous benefits to adopting RGB LED Floodlights for your home or commercial property.

Versatility Cost-Effective Illumination
RGB LED Floodlights bring you versatility. Due to the fact they can produce bright light at various colors with multiple effects, they’re suitable for any outdoor event. With a strobe effect and color-changing ability, they can be used for garden parties or just to make a building more attractive. Although Led lights have an initial higher cost than traditional halogen or incandescent lights, their longer lifespan and energy efficiency makes them cheaper in the long run! Also with an RGB Floodlight, there is no need for expensive filters to be placed onto daylight Floodlights to create your desired atmosphere. The illumination you get from a powerful exterior LED Floodlight is like nothing else. Their light output is quality, wide and long-ranging, making them effective for illuminating large yards or driveways.

What LED RGB Floodlight to Look out for?  

SGLEDs RGB Floodlight is one of the best exterior lights I’ve ever used. The fantastic thing about this light is that it gave me options. This RGB Floodlight is remote controlled and has a memory function. Which means you have over 16 colors to choose from and 4 effects to set the beam to. You can go from flash to strobe to keep your party going! I really liked the hollow body of this light and the ceramic heat sinks where the LED chips are attached to make the light’s heat dissipation certainly more effective! This light looks built to last and I can’t wait to buy some more! For 30W it puts out a 3000lumen beam and this makes it light up pretty much my whole backyard!

If you would like to purchase an SGLEDs RGB Floodlight, then head follow the link below:


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